Eco-efficient and Safe Antifouling Surfaces for Milk and Egg Processing Industries


Science et Technologie du Lait et de l'Oeuf



STLO, the “Science and Technology of Milk and Eggs” research unit, located in Brittany, Western France, combines human resources from both the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and the Food and Agricultural Science University (AGROCAMPUS OUEST) to build a strong joint involvement in Education and Research.

STLO missions are:

  • To develop public research expertise on the components of milk and eggs by exploring their structure, functionalities, and digestibility, in their native state or after various processes.
  •  To increase the quality and safety of fermented dairy products and ovoproducts: investigate the in situ expression of bacteria and explore their biodiversity.
  •  To train students, masters or PhD students and contribute to their future recruitment in academic or private food research centres.
  •  To benefit society and industry with new scientific advances through diverse partnerships.