Eco-efficient and Safe Antifouling Surfaces for Milk and Egg Processing Industries



In order to manage to propose at least one effective, safe and eco-efficient antifouling material that can be applied at industrial scale to limit fouling in the food-processing industries, the goals of ECONOMICS project are multiple:


  • Designing a range of novel coatings and materials used for heat exchangers in milk processing industries, showing (i) food compatibility, (ii) durable antifouling properties (i.e., more than 10 cycles fouling resistance), (iii) resistance to CIP and harsh chemical products and (iv) low ageing versus time, temperature and turbulent flow.


  • Understanding the dairy fouling adhesion and growth mechanisms at the interface of the developed surfaces/fluid through a multiscale approach.


  • Assessing the environmental impact and potential gain of these new surfaces compare to traditional process/CIP procedures using a multiple criteria analysis.