Eco-efficient and Safe Antifouling Surfaces for Milk and Egg Processing Industries

Fédération Chevreul

Institut Cheuvreul

The Michel-Eugène Chevreul Institute (IMEC) is a CNRS Research Federation (FR2638). It includes 4 laboratories of the University of Lille and 8 analytical platforms in the chemistry and materials sector.

 The main role of the institute is :

  • To federate the activities of its laboratories around major multidisciplinary axes in order to give them greater visibility.
  • To share financial and human resources for the development of very high level analytical and/or technological platforms.
  • To encourage the emergence of new scientific and/or technological projects,
  • To encourage interaction with actors from other disciplinary sectors

On January 1,2016, the institute has a staff of 470 people composed of 196 Researchers and Teacher-Researchers, 77 Engineers and Research Support Technicians, 13 administrative staff and 29 post-doctoral fellows.

By 2019, the Institute will have a 2700 m2 building that will house part of the Institute's analytical, scientific and technological platforms as well as interdisciplinary research platforms.