Eco-efficient and Safe Antifouling Surfaces for Milk and Egg Processing Industries

Job Opportunities

Two three-year PhD positions (Université de Lorraine and Université de Lille), one eighteen-months Post-Doc position (Université de Valenciennes) and one twelve-months Engineer position (INRA-Rennes) will be funded during the course of the project.

3-Years PhD positions:

New Heat-Exchangers Materials for the Food Industry (Université de Lorraine)                             Previsional Starting date: 01-09-2018

Design of food antifouling coatings (Université de Lille)                                                                       Previsional Starting date: 01-09-2018


18-Months Post-Doc:

Nanostructured Sol-Gel Coatings for Food Antifouling (Université de Valenciennes)                     Previsional Starting date:


12-Months Engineer:

Fouling Test Engineering (INRA Rennes & Lille)                                                                                      Previsional Starting date: