Eco-efficient and Safe Antifouling Surfaces for Milk and Egg Processing Industries


Laboratoire des Matériaux Céramiques et Procédés Avancés





LMCPA has great expertise in materials and processes and is continuously developing its research in the domain of technical ceramic materials for electrical, electronic, thermo-mechanical and biomedical applications, from synthesis to the elaboration and characterization of the materials. Its main research activities focus on bone substitutes based on phosphocalcic ceramics with controlled macro- and micro-porosity, bioglasses, new Pb-based or Pb-free piezoelectric materials, as well as ceramic parts and coatings that resist wear and corrosion.

The strength of the LMCPA resides in the control of each fabrication step, from synthesizing the ceramic powder to developing the final ceramic parts, guaranteeing the control of the microstructure and the measurement of the physical, electrical and mechanical properties.